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Monday, July 30, 2007 0 Comments

can anyone solve my prob?
tell me wad to do?

m i suppose to gt tis kinda verdict aft a long patience wait?
its totally unfair to me at all!
heaven`s helpin me jus tat lil bit,
bt owas e last one to be informed.

i gt stabbed straight into my heart.
it is v painful, do u noe?
i guess u wun noe until ure in my shoe.

if i can gave my lyf to other kid/person out thr hoping to haf lead a healthy lyf,
im willing to gave up mine.
im reali m tired, v tired indeed!
im longing for a deep long slp forever.


TO: tat fuxker out thr

even if u wann to let urself feel cheap or slutish, pls look into e mirror first. do u possess e qualities to b one? ure oli making ppl hate u to e core. being slutish/bitchy makes ppl tink ure cheap oli. even if anyone appear ugly, if u stil haf tat lil integrity in u, ur heart is stil as beautiful. dunc-go ard bugging other guys, hoping tat they will love u, snatching frm ppl.

sm ppl is jus so thick-skinned..
they dunc-noe whr theyre standing.
i hate tis kinda gers!


im leading a fuxked lyf.

i hate my lyf.

i hate myself.

i hate.. EVERYTHING!