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Sunday, August 05, 2007 0 Comments

45mins to mon.
monday blues~
eng lesson cancelled tml,
BUGIS aft maths lesson.

im workin in e evening.

both my workplace haf been shifted.
my new clinic is awesome, so does tat palour.
3times bigger den e previous 1!

hubby's hse today.
he is getting more n more childish due to e exposure to kiddy.
we studied alittle and he fall slp.
watched muvee on his lappy.
AMERICAN PIE 3 - rather funny + M18

we had a heart to heart talk.
i feel tat we are getting closer nw.
he told me everything.

dinner @ 8.30PM.
i managed to eat less den 5 spoonful of noodle,
and i throw it to hubby cos its awful!
therefore he ate 2shares.

before he walked me hm,
he brought me a double cheese burger to feel my stomach.
loves him again!

im starting to sense his love again!
we are nw as loving as we used to be.
everyone has to expierence e taste of losing their loves one
in order to noe hw much he/she means to them.

i realised tat sm ppl inherit elephant's genes.
their skin is as thick as an elephant.
maybe nxt time those ppl may look like elephants too!

im happy abt being short.
i love e way im nw.
i love e moments w hubby.
in short, i love almost everything i haf nw.
if ure nt happy abt it, pls press Alt + F4 !