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Tuesday, August 07, 2007 0 Comments

im owas late for lesson for e past few wks!
i nid to make myself punctual again. :)

travelled to NP to meet loveling.
loveling brought me a piece of chessecake and a cup of bubble tea,
proceeded to the library for awhile.

we went off earlier b4 his frens - took bus to JP.
loveling wanted to gt ourself a pair of thongs frm OP,
bt e colours available are v limited.
therefore loveling promised to get ourself "Havaianas Flip Flop" when he gt his first pay.
brought sm snacks and off to loveling's place.

watched AMERICAN PIE 5 and sm anime.
i was lying on loveling's leg and i fall aslp while he was gaming.
slpt for an hr or so on his lap - nice and sweet

dinner @ 8.30PM
baby sent me hm after dinner.

meeting loveling for lunch tml aft lesson!
im looking forward to it!



u can sae im selfish, sae all u wann.
i admit i din tink of u for e past few days, OK my wrng!
love has made me go hay-wire.
i noe u said im blind by love, bt deep down, i stil tink of u every nw and den.
jus tat no actions has been made.
i noe ure sad n mad tat i neglected u for my love.
7yrs, is nt easy to gt smone hu accompanied me 7 yrs down e road.
jus rmb, i treasure u n hy seriously.
i noe actions has nt been made, bt i wil stand by whenever u all nid me.
i noe whenever im sad, u wil owas advice and accompany me all e way.
i noe everyting u does for me. it has been engraved deep down my heart,
and i reali appreciate it.
i noe ure e best fren i ever haf, ever since sec 1.
jus rmb, i love u and treasure these 7yrs.
actions speaks louder den words. :)

tings came crushing in tis mth, be it relationship problems or frendship problems.
i failed! :(

hw can i make both a happy ending?