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Friday, August 17, 2007 0 Comments

i hate raining days.
umbrella is owas a must if thr is a heavy downpour.
i find it v troublesome so most of e time,
i dunc-even bother to bring along an umbrella.
but the gd thing abt raining is,
its owas v cooling aft every downpour. (excluding acid rain)
thrfore, i prefer raining, bt at times oli.

late for lesson due to slow traffic flow + raining.
im owas dragging myself for skul.
my body is deteriorating.

HM straight aft skul.
my parents went mlysia for 3D2N.

work @ 7PM.
baby will be staying over my place or i will be staying over his.
haf yet to decide, either ways.

sometimes what you wann is nt wad u get,
sometimes what you tink is not wad it was,
sometimes what you get is nt what u wann.
humans are left w no choice most of e time..
be it Boy-Girl relationship/Friendship/Kinship.
how nice will it be if human can manipulate w choices?!

im left simpleton, w no choice :)