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yesh baby~

Sunday, February 11, 2007 0 Comments

shoppin spree todae..

chn new yr is jus a wk ahead n streets are crowded w ppl.

mit maybeline n huiyan at JE.

took 1o5 to fareast.
was eyein for heels.
sm cauqht my attention budden was too exp.
in e end,
qave up e idea of buyin.

out of impulse,
decided to qo to buqis.

af no idea which bus to take,
so we ramdomly took a bus.
stop at another bus-stop randomly too.

ask e bus driver n took 7 to buqis.

brouqht a heel for myself,
a bermuder for my boy.

maybeline wanted to qo NUH to develop sm pics.
cos e machine thr is cheaper.
randomly took a bus aqain.

bt when we reach thr,
e machine went missin.
prob dey removed it.

so in end,
went thr to visit e toilet n buy sm juices n off we qo.

sdupit eh?
wasted trip!!

met my parents&darlinq for supper.
HOME @ 11pm

bloqqed @ 12.21am