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Thursday, January 18, 2007 0 Comments

wad a tirin dae ystd!

went w linq to collect e phamplets we qifin out.
location @ buckit merah BMC

aft collectin we strolled to redhill mrt station.
we witness an accident infront of us!
we was so shocked.
a car banq into a bike.

n e rider was a middle-aqed man.
n e bike capsized.
luckily he was nt unconcious or smth,
he`s alrite!

n e supervisor or manaqer scolded e driver.
n dey stood at one corner to settle it.

took a bus thr.
location @ queenstown shoppin centre
n started our phamplets qifin.

while qifin,
we`re oso waitin for rani to knock off frm work.

sat n ate Mcdonalds.

took a bus bek to return those leftover phamplets.

nw i noe hw it feels to b rejected when ppl qave phamplets!
i`ll stil reject.
uhm helpin em to save ppl,
save e tree,
n save cost.
n if i take i`ll stil throw it away!

took bus to jp n went off to work.

e clinic aint v crowded.
first time workin thr n was like lost.

my colleaqe qave mi 2boxes of yoqurts.
hohoho....yoqurt feast~

i turned into a piq at 10.30pm

todae plannin to stay at hm for e whole dae.

stomach cramp~

perhaphs tml we`re qoin bek to qif phamplets aqain.
we`re short of cash!!!!


i quess tis sonq discribe my feelinqs nw................

u wun noe when u`ll end ur lyf.
perhaphs in a blink of eyes ure dead.

cherish n do wad u wanna do,
if nt u`ll reqret.

bloqqed @ 1.42pm