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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 0 Comments

lotsa daes din update alrd.

too bad my modem`s nt ok yet.
so qt myself another broadbrand plan (mio plan)
its startin on 25th.
uhm waitin for tat dae.
its cums w lotsa tinqiiew.
visit sinqnet to check it out!

brouqht went out w my boy on sun.
location @ westmall
it was a last min tinqiiew.
brouqht a shoe n af a lil walk.
headed bek to JP n off to work.

went for orientation 2dae.
location @ bukit merah BMC
i was almost late as i nv notice e time.
took a cab down last min.
din brouqht alonq xtra cash as i was rushin
luckily i reached jus in time n qt enuf $ to pay for e cab fee!

it lasted abt an hr.
went to mit my boy aft tat.
location @ NP

took a bus bek to JP.
had KFC for lunch.
my boy saw his frens n dey sat w us.
i feel kinda weird!
so i sat thr quietly w/o speakin a sinqle word.

headed hm den.

skul`s startin nxt wk!
e time-table is pretty short.
i tink its nt enuf!
was shocked tat we af 5 nursin student in e same BMC centre studyin!

quite a biq qroup!


we kip af`in fiqhts.

wads e prob w mi n u?
so sad!

bloqqed @ 10.28pm