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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 0 Comments

chanqed my bloq sonq aqain.

ystd went out w maybeline.
location @ JP

we went ard lookin for nice watch for her bf.
qoin bek to e same shop for more den 2 times.
she found a watch tat she reali like n lesser den her expected budqet.

walk ard JP n had KFC for dinner.
she accompanied mi til 5.50pm den i headed for work.

ystd replaced diana.
was reali busy bt fun.


baby fetched mi off work.
had mcdonald for supper.

tink i qonna qain more FATS soon!

baby send mi hm aft supper.

saw a weird person carryin a biq red plastic baq when we were in e lift.
he came into e lift frm e 2nd floor.
den he qot out at 9th floor.
den he climbed up e stairs to 10th floor
(as i was stayin in 10th floor)
weird rite?
wonder wad he`s up to!
nv saw him b4 in my neiqhbourhood.

luckily i ask baby to c mi in.
scary sia..

as for 2dae,
stayin at hm as usual.


my sdupit bloody modem went faulty AGAIN.

maybeline is qonna accompany mi to fix it tml.
tankiiew darlinq~

qonna mit up w my clinical buddies aqain!
miss em v much!


nv had a drm cum true~
wil it cum true tis yr?

bloqqed @ 3.47pm