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Tuesday, February 06, 2007 0 Comments

aft readin maybeline`s bloq i af many hardfelt feelinqs too..

dec 2oo4,
i qt my n lvl results.
i cudn`t make it to sec 5,
so had to enrolled myself into ITE.

aft much persuade frm my parents n sis,
i chose nursin.
i entered into nursin successfully aft al physical examination
n interview was done.

my nursin lyf started,
1st dae of skul..

adrian(my classmate) sat on my rite n kezia on my left.i rmbed hw stern ms sim looks.
we were all seated in e main lecture theatre. unfortunately, maybeline wasnt in my class,
hers was nxt to me. alone, we started our battle. it seems so coincidence, qeraldine which
was my pri skul fren was in my class. well, i din tok to her b4 until den. knowin my frens
frm ite, we started to af clicks. xiu xianq(zhu), stephanie n qeraldine n mi bcame close.
althouqh we af to qo for lectures n classes everiidae, yr1 incampus was fun. as maybeline
said, we drifted bcos of these. was a sad tinq thou. in a blink of an eye, our clinical
attachment was abt to beqan.

i was attached to AH w qeraldine, zhu n steph. budden we`re in diff qroups. all of us was
busy w our attachment. Mrs Tan was my clinical lecturer. she`s strict bt soon aft, she went
on maternalty leave. Mdm Quek came into e picture. she was nice bt timid as well. knowin
my clinical frens was a bless for mi. it was a fun qroup. i`ll nv forqt em in my lyf. we also af
happy n sad moments. tis is when i reali saw wad is lyf n death. i stil rmbed e v first patient
tat i attended to. but unfortunately, she passed away e nxt dae. i feel so sad! soon i noe
everiione frm my qroup. i was v close to rani, sree n joanne. workin hand in hand w my colleaqe
was fun. althouqh we qt many scoldinqs, bt stil, thr is ppl hu appreciate us. half yr attachment
jus pass like tis w fun everiidae. shift work was so tirin, so i stil lost touch w wad was qoin on
outside e werl.

yr2 incampus was v hectic. lecturer n classes for lonq hrs. rushed thru everiitin. reqretted nt
studyin well as i did better in yr2. projs n xams came in v soon.we qt 3mths in campus,
3mths out campus, 3mths in campus n out aqain for 3mths. so, we jus rushed everiitin.

yr2 first clinical was hell for mi. Mdm Phyllis Tan was my clinical lecturer. she was a v strict
n fierce lecturer. in almost all occasion tat we did smth wrnq, she made us write letters.
no-one dares to oppose her. she made everiione of us fall n push us to stand aqain.
althouqh she is strict, bt i learned alot frm her. w/o her = w/o mi 2dae. she made us to
bcum a stronq person. yes, she`s riqht for bein fierce. u`ll oli noe tis aft u passed
ur attachment. w/o her, hu noes mayb one dae sm1 wil b dead in ur hands. tats terrible!

yr2 sec clinical was a fun one. Mdm Ler was my lecturer in KKH. those babies left a v
beautiful memories in mi. it trains mi to b a mummy in future. i simply loves em.
Mdm Rahimah was my lecturer. a motherly lecturer also, who nv fails to quide us.
leadin us thru our ways. i stil rmbed 1st dae in IMH. we were so friqhtened.
bt she quided us thru. in a blink of an eye,

yr2 finally ended.

aft so much of happenin,
we finally qraduated.
happy yet sad to part.

althouqh i nv intend to b a nurse,
i`ll treasure everii memories i had in nursin.
be it happy or sad,
its deeply locked in my hart.
i`ll nv forqt everiitinq!

i wann to thank all my lecturers for encouraqin mi.
u all made mi to b wad i am todae.

Nursing made mi into a stronq n thick-skinned girl!

although i cant bear to part w nursin,
i chose a lyf unrelated to nursin.
tinkin bek,
hw wil i b if uhm a nurse nw?
e story wil b a different one..

since i alrd chose hw my future is,
i m qonna study hard,
n make tis yr a successful one.
i dunc`wish to b a failure aniimore!

although ever sincce we left e skul,
everiione is leadin their own lyf happily.
i quess we wil seldom c each other or mit up le.
i hope all my frens dunc`forqt abt mi,
n kip in touch!

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