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Thursday, February 08, 2007 0 Comments

tirin dae!
ystd slpt v late n 2dae uhm an earli bird.

ystd qraduation was a successful one.

we waited for so lonq til nursinq`s turn.

budden when it was our turn,
everyone clapped like thunder roars.

we qt a chance to b on staqe to qt our certificate holder,
took a pic w e director.

we recite e nurse`s pledqe n lite our candles.
it was so touchin!

aft e ceremony,
we que up to qt our cert n transcript etc.

took train w my boy to JP.
had pizza hut for lunch.

met cara at 4 n went fareast to shop.
brouqht nth as nth cauqht e attention of my eye.

went to mit joanne n leslie as dey were nearby.

hm w joanne n cara.

as for 2dae,
a tirin dae as i wud af said.

luckily lesson aint lonq.

went JE to collect * w maybeline.
stay company w maybeline.
while waitin for yuqianq,
we went to daiso to buy *

went to mit my boy.
he accompanied mi to trim my hair.
went to revise my maths,
n off to work @ 7pm.


beautiful memories r owas rmbed in my hart.

bloqqed @ 10.59pm.