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Sunday, February 04, 2007 0 Comments

an unlucky dae.

underqo 3 obsticle b4 i can reach my destination.
wad an unlucky dae.....
u noe wad i mean? _______

firstly went to order *.
cos mi a bomb budden nvm.

hope u like it!

took 197 w maybeline frm JE
meet coffee at e busstop.
location @ chinatown

strolled to search for 'this fashion'

went to shop for clothes for my qraduation dae.
budden cud nt find any suitable piece.
took bus 951 frm chinatown w maybeline n coffee.
location @ buqis

aft sm searchin,
i qt myself a black cardiqan,
budden none for maybeline.
she cudnt find any piece tat she likes.

wanted to do tattoo,
e price was amazinqly exp!

took train.
location @ JE
we are like searchin for clothes in diff 'this fashion' branch.

meet huiyan.
went for dinner near my work place.

proceed to my aunt hse to qt e blouse
n contact lenses frm my cousin.

my lil cousin was so cute!
loves her!
so talkative!

e moment i step into e hse,
i was out aqain.

went supper w my family.
budden i din order any fd.
location @ JW coffeeshop


tankiiew frens for makin todae a fun dae.
love u all~

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