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Sunday, August 26, 2007 0 Comments

swimming session was cancelled.
instead, went baby's place again.

today is a simple day.
wendy is happy & contented.


A strange incident on thursday

i agreed to replace my fren for work on thur. i was late, as usual, quite busy. i was feeling quite pissed so was e doc. aft e whole session, i was busy w e closing. Dr.Teo came out of his rm, passing me those paper clips tat he left inside his rm. after which, he jus i saw him walking off without any emotions/expressions on his face and he left without even saying bye to me. i was feeling quite weird cos everytime he will say bye to my colleague and me before leaving. bt he did nt tis time. after he left, i kept e chairs and close e shuttle. when i was locking e shuttle, he walked out frm behind me and was about to leave e clinic. i was so stunned. i thought he left aft he passed those paperclips to me.

"i tot u i saw u leaving e clinic jus nw?" (me)
"no, did u see me leaving? i dunc-haf a twin bro!" (Dr.Teo)
"HUH? did u pass me those paperclips jus nw? i tot u left after which!" (me)
"yes, i did pass u those paperclips, after which i went to e toilet to wash my hands." (Dr.Teo)
"ahh? *stunned* i saw u carrying e same bk on ur hand rite nw, leaving the clinic jus nw!" (me)
*stunned* (me & Dr.Teo)

i really saw him leaving and was carrying e same bk.
did i see Mr.Ghost?


slpt at baby's place jus nw,
and i ate alot today.
hope i will gain sm fats.

baby and me agreed to start saving sm money for our future.
yes, we are having our future tgt.
our love, tgt forever.. ..
im Mrs.WendyLee wannabes.