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Friday, October 06, 2006 0 Comments


din bother to update ystd.
my grandparents jus came frm mlysia n dey`r slpin soundly in e rm.

mit maybeline; 2pm at JP control station.
accompanied her to fareast to buy bikini for e swim in e late afternoon.
e train was so slow ystd.
dunc`no y.
huntin in fareast for bikinis` shop.
ended up in sheer romance.
e bikinis aint v nice despite there were many kinda designs.
they are hafin sales.
(2nd pc 5o% off)
maybeline ask mi to buy tgt so tat its cheaper.

i brought despite i had a set alrd.

cant find anytingiiew tat reali attract my eyes.
we saw a white base w black 'border' bt it oli cums in 1 pc.
so i haf to chosen another design.

aft browsin thru many designs, i decided to buy e army base w black 'border'.
can u imagine hw it looks like?

took bus 1o5 after we finished our huntin.

went for e swim at je sports complex.

it was quite a cold n shady afternoon.

we went to e lazy rivers, slides n wave pool.
i manage to overcome my fear to play e slides.
i played e pink slides twice n maybeline played it thrice.
i stil dun dare to play e yellow slide!
its wae to scary~!

huiyan joined us at 7pm.
she`s late.
we took a short tea break at 6 while waitin for huiyan.
ate thai tomyam maggi n 3 fishballs.
i miss e maggi which i often ate at AH in my last attachment.

bath n went to haf our dinner at 9+.
went to 400+ coffee shop.
i met dear!
so coincident!

ate homemade noodles (ban mian in chn)
drank green tea.
felt nausea n jus finished half of e bowl.

went hm feelin v tired n slpt.

nw uhm in dear's hse.
jus came bek frm clementi w my sis, sis`s bf, cousin n her gang of frens.
ate in sumo hse.
i ate salmon bento.

workin later.
sian; hais

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aft e swim..shag*

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look like sec skul kids? lols*

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