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Monday, October 30, 2006 0 Comments

bloqqers kip af-in prob!

din update for donkey daes!

let mi rewind all e wae bek to sat!

went bebe`s hse at 10am.
at abt 3pm, proceeded to e nxt block; cara`s hse!

aft tat went to mit rani at 5.45pm n went to sree`s hse.
she invited us over for her hsewarmin.

b4 i could step into e hse, her doqs came rushin to e qate!
i was so afraid of her 2 doqs!
it made mi af nitemares!
i asked her to ledge her doqs so tat i can qo in.
i was darm afraid.
in sm episode,
e doq unleashed itself n it was so sudden tat i af to climb onto e chair n i went cryin!
can u imaqine?!

e dinner was delicious n appitizinq!

sree offer us each a small cup of red wine.
( u noe uhm a lousy drinker!!)
drank a few sips n my facce was red!
lousy eh?!

went to work as usual.
budden i replaced diana for e mornin.
worked for mornin n nite.

2nd wk in pediatric ward.
teacher kip chanqin.
todae was a diff teacher w us!

same old routine.
nth much for us to do.
2 of e cubicles are empty!

played w those toddlers.
dey`re cute!

chose my case-study.
did on osteosarcoma (meanin bone cancer)
staqe 4.

i feel so sad for her.
she had 1 of her leq amputated!
nw she`s af-in pulmonary metastacis!
so poor-tinq!
she`s af-in poor profusion!
hope she`ll qt better!

i overlooked e value of lyf.
its so vulnerable!
tinqs jus chanqed so sudden!
sm chanqes may even effect ur whole lyf!

i felt so hartpain for those children.
af-in drips n i/v canular at such a small aqe.
injections n medicines which dey may af to take/jab everydae!

overall, we can stil consider us as FORTUNATE.


y sm ppl af tat looks/attitude/actions tat makes ppl dislike em?

bloqqed @ 5.40pm.