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babies misses

Friday, October 20, 2006 0 Comments

last dae of my mother n child postin!

i cant bear to leave those cute lil babies esp my da ku bao (L1) n my cute tortise (L3)..

stayed in e nursery to carry n play w my cute turtle b4 i left e ward..
i cant bare to leave him....
i like him so much..
fed him for e last time n kissed him a couple of time b4 i left.
took maniie of his pics too!
he`s too cute!

i din haf time to had e last view w my da ku bao cos e clubber (his mum) was w him outside e tibee lounge.
he`s so poor tinqiiew!
e MCDS is cumin over to take him!
either for fosterin/adoption..
i feel so sad for him cos his mum is PSY so cant takkare of him.

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my cute tortise; i love u darlinq~

bloqqed @ 6.05pm