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Thursday, October 19, 2006 0 Comments

i owas hated switchin of shift frm noon to mornin.
its darm tirin!

had my 3 noon shift on mon, tue n wed.

ystd was a v suxkiie dae.
no Enrolled nurses in e ward, oli 2 senior staff nurses which r darm suxkiiex.
kip orderin us to do tis n tat.
accusin us nt doin our work w/o qettin e rite info.
we did everytinqiiew on our own.
when we`af doubts, ask em dey oso leave us alone w/o answerin our qns.

i cant stand most of e bloodiie nurses in tis ward aniimore!!!
fortunately, tml shall b our last dae~

uhm nt qoin to write any tankiiew card or anii gift to tis ward!

todae was assiqned to e nursery aqain.
it was a last min assiqnment.
had my skills siqned. =))
mission accomplished?

ystd my L6 went hm..=((
uhm qoin to miss him.
tml uhm leavin my L1 n L3..
i cant bear to leave em!

i cant bear to leave those babies OLI bt nt e staffs or e mothers!!

qoin to pediatric ward on mon.

ward 66.
i hope tat it wil nt b like ward 34..

aft pediatric, uhm qoin NUH for my onco postin~
yea..qt money take..nt free labour aqain..

hope i`af better oncomin daes~

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