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babies; babies; BABIES~

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 0 Comments

babies; babies; lotsa BABIES~

was in e nursery todae w cara.

e senior midwife (dunc`wanna mention e name) was damn laziie n heck`care towards e babies even if dey cry v long or e diaper`s full w shit.
oli noe hw to comment us to do work n den she either went missin or doin paper work.
accordin to e others, she`s owas LIDDAT - damn laziie n doin NTH!

e nursery was so noisy todae.
babies kip cryin.

i`hav qt my 3 darlinqs inside.
L1 ( da-ku-bao )
L3 ( cutiiex )
L6 ( xiao ke ai )
dey`re so darm darm darm cute n tiny!

wonderin wad is L1, L2, L3?
dey`re (L - lodger) babies whose mummie is discharged but dey`re stil hopsitalized.

tat fuxkin ahma (cleaner of KKH) was another idiot!
" since dey`re here (pointin at us), i mush refill e towel napkins so often. dey touch smth, dey`ll wash their hands 1 time, no wonder so fast finish den kip refillin. tat storeman KP alrd. cos i kip refillin e towel napkin n his stock so fast finish. i mush cor e storeman down to c hw we (referin to us) use e towel napkin. " - tis was wad tat ahma said.

not happiiex? closed e hosp lar. liddat u can save tons of money! a few millions or even billions!
oh? u mean KKH dunc` practise INFECTION CONTROL? u mean e staff in KKH dunc` wash their hands? oli US (student) wil wash?
aint tis JCI standards?
KKH failed JCI?
ure jus a cleaner!
u dunc`no abt healthcare stuffs!

uhm nt statin tat KKH dunc` practise infection control or wad so aver, uhm jus fuxkin tat ahma bek!

we`re darm angry w e ahma!

ok, enuf of tat ahma tinqiiew.
makes my blood boil!
so darm tired since attachment started.

xiaojie(s), takkare!

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