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Friday, September 07, 2007 0 Comments

a friend of mine showed me tis article frm "The Straits Times".
i find it interesting BUT.. ..
i tink tis will make man more pervertic. They will kip eyeing on woman's breast. its so sickening! Studies shows tat singapore's man is one of the most pervertic man in the world. OH DEAR~! what do u tink?!


played truancy again.
AMKHub w girlfriend.
headed to Changi.Airport for lunch.
lunch was at Popeyes.

bek to jurong for practical lesson in e late afternoon.
after lesson rushed to work.
lyf is real boring for me.
no lyf, no fun.


nth special today.
im doin a OK!


mitting hubby for dinner.
talking abt food,
i gained almost 3kg in 1mth!

Plan for tml:
midnight movie w hubby and slpover at his hse.

. . .

i realised, not all friends are good. smtimes, the person beside u can appear to be gd to you, bt is harming u without you knowing. i tink everyone is selfish in one way or another. smtimes they are selfish in sm way. i dunc-noe its intentionally or unintendtionally. only e person noes. maybe they wun noe until dey are being pointed out.

who is my true friends, who is nt?
: )