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Friday, May 18, 2007 0 Comments

h u r h u r ~
plain boring day.

met switt<3 at JP, 12.15PM
window shopped w switt<3, tiongwee & yonghong.

slacked at switt<3`s place.

SG is way too small.
places tat i go is owas e same.

we cant tink of new place to go.. ..

W O W~
ate alot today.
bread, roasted duck rice, maggie porridge & fishball noodles.
imagine hw much fats i`ll accumilate frm these fd!

. . .

do you think man/boy owas think dey`re correct/right?
does interity means alot to man/boy?

jus dunc`noe hw man/boy thinks at times!