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Sunday, November 12, 2006 0 Comments

been donkey daes since i din update cos uhm laziie!

lemmi tune bek to ystd.

was out w cara.
pierced my nose den took a train down to town.

nt painful budden i stil cant control my tears.
perhaphs natural reaction?

upon reachin there, it was rainin cats n doqs!
stood at e sheltered area for awhile,
decided to buy an umbrella in john lil.

thou there is an umbrella but it din protect us frm qettin wet.
both of us was half-drenched!
finally reachin cine n dash to e toliet to dried ourselfs.

started sinqin aft tat.
was pretty cold in there!
shievered n we could nt qt high!

upon finishin sinqin,
went to fareast to af a walk.
met maybeline (aft her escape outin n muvee w *)
waited in jp for e sushi promotion n brouqht sushi.
oli ate sushi n had 2 drinks for e dae.
proceeded hm aft tat.

todae woke earli n went to work.
was darm hectic n busy!
i cant breathe!
i nid air!

met dear aft work n went to e kopitiam to eat.
had chicken conqee.
yum yum..

went to dear`s hse.
slack n slpt.
watched anime.

took sm pics w dear.

nid`a work again at 7.

bloqqed @ 4.53pm