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Monday, April 09, 2007 0 Comments

o9.o4.1988, 0801AM
mummy was pushed into e operating theatre.

JEN & WENDY was borned.

A loud cry was heard in thomsom medical center. Her v first breath & her umbilical cord was cut. A v big tankiiew to her parents whom gave her a chance to live. But unfortunately, She was found w heart problems and was referred to a cardiologist. She was underweight and was unable to drink milk. Therefore, she was transferred in e special care unit. She was placed under special care for almost 1mth. Shortly after she returned hm, she was hospitalised again in TTSH. She had diarrhoae and was discharged 10days ltr. Her parents refused to let the her undergo an operation because she was too young at tat time. She was den reviewed by e cardiologist twice every year. Subsequently, reviewing once a yr.

she`s 19 yrs old.

BUGIS today.
-celebrated my burfdae for mi.
Sakae buffet for brunch.
He gave mi a pair of shoes &
sang mi a song w chocolate cake.


PS: special thnx to hubby, ah bi, huiyan, xiaosiong, wartini, sree, lun, bob, joanne, rein, maybeline, cara, yvonne tan for calling/sms-ing/msg-ing mi to wish mi happy burfdae.